The authors

Aurélie Roperch and Julien Giry

Both journalists and photographs, we have been working together since mid-2015, when we began to work freelance. At that time, after several years of writing – mainly for French regional newspapers, we decided to take half a year to travel, mainly in Japan.

During seven months, we discovered a country really different from the one we might have expected and that is actually poorly known beyond its borders. This first trip convinced us to pursue our professional life 6000 miles from France.

Aurélie Roperch in Fujinomiya.

After a year getting ready with the project, we settled in Tokyo in early 2017, and began to visit all the sites out of the official Heisei Era hundred views list. That was the beginning of Nippon100, as a travel blog relating the challenge – to be done in a single year, the duration of a Japanese working holiday visa. We did it, but had to add an extra month not to miss the Okhotsk ice floes.

But while traveling and exploring these views, during a thirteen months journey, we were able to visit many more fascinating views, famous or not. The trip is not over: there is so much more to write about! On a regular basis, we are writing about these places, daily life in Japan, or books related to the same subject.

Since October 2018, Nippon100 has been released on paper: two French travel publishers (Transboréal in Paris and Elytis in Bordeaux) worked together for Les cent vues du Japon (“The hundred views of Japan”), half-way between a cultural guide and a travel diary. The book is a compilation of a hundred new texts and more than 300 photos, explaining why each view is so important for the Japanese.

Afar from Nippon100 social networks, we also are on Twitter (Aurélie and Julien), Instagram (Aurélie et Julien) or Linkedin (Aurélie et Julien). You can also contact us through the contact form.

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We are both convinced that Japan is a great inspiration for stories to tell, creative people to meet and places to discover, although the country is often suffering from several cliches. Yet Japan will be under the spotlights, with Tokyo 2020 Olympics in sight. After we described the hundred iconic views, we are still sharing new inspirations here.

Aurélie and Julien

Julien Giry et Aurélie Roperch
Okinawa, November 2015.