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Aurélie Roperch et Julien Giry
Aurélie Roperch and Julien Giry (in YOUは何しに日本へ?)


Both journalists and photographs, we have been working together since mid-2015, when we began to work freelance. At that time, after several years of writing – mainly for French regional newspapers, we decided to take several months to travel, and think about what shape our careers should take.

Seven months through Japan, discovering a famous civilization not so well-known beyond its borders, decided us to continue our professional lives 6000 miles from France. After almost a year preparing our expatriation to Japan, we settled as press correspondents in Tokyo in early 2017 (and are available for collaborations). We are here for at least a year, and challenged ourselves to see the 100 landscapes of Heisei Era during that time (leading to “Nippon100”)

You might also find us on social medias, on Twitter (here and there) and Instagram (Deboigne and Au__lerie). And Linkedin: Aurélie and Julien. You can also contact us through the contact form.

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We are both convinced that Japan is a great inspiration for stories to tell, creative people to meet and places to discover, although the country is often reduced in Westerners’ perspective. Moreover it is currently pushing ahead the development of foreign tourism, with Tokyo 2020 Olympics in sight. That is why we decided to come back and travel for Nippon100, to allow us to publish articles about Japanese unknown places and traditions.

Rather like the combination of a travel blog and a very specific online publication, with freedom of tone and journalistic standard, addressing travelers, tourism professional and Japan culture lovers.

As the main writers on Nippon100, we aim at introducing natural sites, beautiful places and traditions which are not so common in the numerous publications about Japan, online or printed, mainly in French and with English translations.

The authors

For any questions about Nippon 100 or if you are interested by a partnership, feel free to contact us.

Aurélie and Julien

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